Tracy Kendall (speech language therapist)

Tracy Kendall

Speech Language Therapist

BA Educ Dip Spch Tchg-Lang Thpy, SPELD trained.

I have been working in private practice in East Auckland for the past 25 years and am married with three adult children. In addition to being a speech-language therapist, I am a trained primary schoolteacher and became SPELD trained and certificated early in my career. In my private practice, I work alongside several other SLTs and a primary trained SPELD teacher.
We work with children, families, caregivers and adults on the following:
• Articulation difficulties-speech sounds
• Childhood Apraxia of Speech- motor speech problems
• Language delay
• Hearing/glue-ear related difficulties
• Voice disorders-children
• Global Developmental Delay
• Asperger’s Syndrome
• Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder)
• CAPD (central auditory processing difficulties)
• Attention Deficit Disorder
• SPELD-Specific Learning Disabilities-reading/writing/maths
• Dyslexia related learning issues
• Downs Syndrome
• English as a second language
• Accent reduction for adults and children
• Speech making and presentation skills
• Advice for families on the NZ Education system
• Referrals to psychologists, paediatricians, ear nose and throat specialists and audiologists
• Liaison with other professionals in kindergartens and schools
• Home, school, kindergarten and residential therapy by a visiting SLT
• Adults: stroke, aphasia, cognitive communication disorder, dysarthria, apraxia and dysphagia.

Appointments can be made with or without a medical referral.

The initial assessment takes up to one hour. Therapy sessions are 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or one hour. Bringing your Plunket ‘Well Child’ book can be useful for recalling your child’s progress and developmental milestones during the initial appointment.